May 16, 2024

Relief as Benin Allows Temporary Export of Nigerian Oil

This decision, announced by Benin's Energy Minister following a high-level meeting between President Patrice Talon and the Director General of the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), marks a crucial step forward in the region's oil distribution strategy....

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  May 08, 2024

Togo President Signs Controversial Constitution Eliminating Direct Presidential Elections

The revision of the constitution, which now extends presidential terms from five to six years and introduces a single-term limit, has been met with severe criticism....

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  May 05, 2024

Togo's Ruling Party Secures Overwhelming Majority in Parliament According to Provisional Results

This substantial majority follows shortly after the implementation of contentious constitutional reforms that could significantly extend Gnassingbe's 19-year tenure....

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  Apr 29, 2024

Low Voter Turnout in Togo's Parliamentary Elections

The shift in governance structure has been contentious, with opposition groups and civil society activists accusing the Gnassingbé family of maneuvering to extend its political dynasty beyond the already extensive terms....

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  Apr 20, 2024

Togo Approves Controversial Constitutional Changes Removing Term Limits

The constitutional reform transitions the country from a presidential to a parliamentary system, purportedly reducing the president's powers by making the role largely ceremonial....

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  Apr 17, 2024

Togo's Political Tensions Escalate Over Proposed Constitutional Reforms

Under the proposed changes, while the presidency would become largely ceremonial, Gnassingbé would be eligible to remain in office until 2031, and subsequently assume a new role as the "president of the council of ministers," effectively the prime minister....

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