Thursday, May 26, 2022
New UK Work Visa to Exclude Graduates from Africa

Many international students and scholars are unable to survive or operate in the challenging academic environment.

May 24th
Strive Masiyiwa Becomes Britain’s First Black Billionaire

The African philanthropist first made headlines when he indulged in a protracted struggle with the then Zimbabwe governm…

May 23rd
African Women are Lured and Trafficked to the Middle East for Cheap Labour

Human trafficking is a serious problem in Africa, …

May 25th
Rwanda’s Model Green Village Scheme that Africa Should Emulate

The model villages are carefully planned to be “gr…

May 25th

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May 25th
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May 23rd
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May 19th
Should You Get Forbrukslan?

A personal loan lender's payment behavior is repor…

May 17th
Gambling Laws Across Europe

The entry rules are different.

May 16th
Why Dubai Is Becoming Africa’s Favourite Holiday Destination

Saving so much time and money on flights means you…

May 24th
Top 5 Safest Countries in Africa

Below are the top 5 countries with world-class hos…

May 21st
Top 15 African Countries Richest in Natural Resources

Below are the lists of countries that are rich in …

May 20th
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This article was helpful for yourself, and you wil…

May 20th
12 Safety Tips for Female Solo Travellers

More women went on social media to talk about life…

May 19th
Crypto Casinos—the Future of Gambling?

Crypto casinos have to be transparent, because of …

May 24th
How to Prepare yourself Before Going to a Live Casino

What tips do you have to prepare someone before th…

May 20th
Black Women Activists Who Have Been Forgotten In History

Here are some of the women who have fought and wor…

May 19th
Book of RA: Everything You Want to Know!

The Book of Ra is a great choice for any casino pl…

May 18th
Coffee as Part of Daily Living — Its Benefits

A cup of your favourite brew might make you feel m…

May 18th
How to View Photos on Your TV?

Follow this article to do it rightly.

May 22nd
Cheap NBN Plans: How to Get the Best Deal on Your Internet Connection

These are our tips for finding cheap NBN plans.

May 19th
Will Africans be Able to Participate in the Metaverse?

The metaverse will provide Africa with numerous op…

May 18th
African Countries with the Highest Number of Internet Scammers

Scammers in African countries have acquired the sk…

May 18th
Why Are UX Design and Website Usability Important for SEO?

The higher the level of usability of the site, the…

May 18th
5 Best Tight Spread Forex Brokers

Here, we've compiled a list of the finest brokers …

May 20th
A Bitcoin Trader? Check Out These Crypto Future Predictions 2022

In all existing cryptocurrency exchanges, bitcoin …

May 11th
Bitcoin Exchange Platforms: Here Is How To Select The Best One

So that you can enjoy fulfilling transactions star…

May 11th
Here Are Top Factors That Determine The Market Price of Bitcoins

No one can predict bitcoin price movements 100% ac…

May 11th
Looking To Become A Bitcoin Investor? Follow These Tips and Tricks

Read on to know further in detail some important t…

May 11th
10 African Startups to Look Out for in 2022

These startups are causing waves in their respecti…

May 18th
Why Nigerians in the Diaspora are Successful

Nigerians are presumed to obtain a unique willingn…

May 12th
Youth Marginalization in Africa Should Be Treated As A Matter of Urgency

The youth in Africa, as with other parts of the wo…

Sep 30th
What Can Cannabis Give to Africa’s Economies?

There is no doubt that the world cannabis market i…

Sep 23rd
Moving Office: Working With Your Employees Effectively

This is the biggest lesson for keeping employees o…

Sep 1st