Sunday, November 27, 2022
Does this BBC Report Prove Ill-Intent of the Western Press toward Africa?

Journalists rely on strict codes which help to guide the practice and keep it ethical.

Nov 23rd
The Dark Side of Football: African Players Smuggled for Cash

Many players from West and Central Africa are increasingly embarking on dangerous journeys through North Africa.

Nov 25th
Zimbabwe Passes a Bill that Aims to Punish Unpatriotic Citizens

Zimbabwe has been under economic sanctions since 2…

Nov 27th
The Full Guide to AI and ML Services

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Servi…

Nov 27th
Botswana Woman Executed in Bangladesh for Smuggling Heroin

A 30-year-old Botswana woman – caught smuggling he…

Nov 25th

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Outrage as S.A Court Grants Parole to the Killer of Anti-apartheid Hero, Chris Hani

Walus must be released on parole within 10 calenda…

Nov 24th
Lagos is Expected to Become the World's Largest City by 2100

Lagos is currently regarded as a mega city, with e…

Nov 23rd
Things to do in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is enchanting. Tourists take home bea…

Nov 16th
How to Make Your Next Anniversary Unforgettable

A thoughtful, personal gift and some time to refle…

Nov 14th
Why Do You Need Temporary Car Insurance When Traveling to Another Country?

Do you really need temporary car insurance when tr…

Nov 14th
How Smart Stadium Technologies Redefine Fans Experience?

Technological advances have transformed how fans e…

Nov 24th
The Best Video Games Set in African Countries

Some of the biggest, most popular video games are …

Nov 23rd
Why are World Tech Giants Laying Off their Employees

Here are the major reasons why tech companies are …

Nov 17th
Online Gaming in the Arab world

There are about 50 Arabic games available on the i…

Nov 14th
Cyber Security and Online Gambling: Protecting Yourself and Your Money

If you're going to gamble online, be sure to do yo…

Nov 3rd
The Full Guide to AI and ML Services

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Servi…

Nov 27th
Why Africa Could be the Next Frontier for Cryptocurrency

There is a strong interest in crypto investing and…

Nov 21st
The Financial Inclusion Gap in South Africa is Still far from Closed

Financial exclusion means less opportunities for i…

Nov 16th
Why Does HR Matter?

HR plays one of the most important roles within yo…

Nov 11th
How Cryptocurrency Tax Works in India

Cryptocurrency taxation in India is an evolving to…

Nov 11th
Nigeria’s Obasanjo Blames Zimbabwe For Coups in Africa

"There should be no half measures about these; It …

Nov 12th
Do Elections Really Work In Africa?

The question 'do elections in Africa really work?'…

Nov 12th
Nigeria's Next President Might be a Former Drug Baron

Journalist David Hundeyin wrote an exposé that spa…

Nov 11th
Here’s Why Thomas Sankara Was Right—And He Was Killed For It

Thomas Sankara understood that liberation—embodyin…

Nov 5th
Racist Far-right MP Shouts 'Go Back to Africa' at Black Rival in French Parliament

President Emmanuel Macron's party, chaired by Step…

Nov 4th
Mastercard will Allow Banks to Carry out Cryptocurrency Trading Operations

Financial institutions will also be able to offer …

Nov 15th
Caplita Opinie: 5 Tips to Consider Before Trading in Shares

Let's go over the five things every potential inve…

Oct 27th
Best and Worst Performing African Currency

The African economy has continued to experience se…

Oct 24th
Tradeontop: A Multi Instrument Trading Platform

We bring to you a unified platform for the same to…

Oct 19th
Best Practices of Bitcoin Investment

Good marketing needs a concept, overarching theme,…

Oct 13th
Lesein Mutunkei: The Young Footballer with Passion for the Environment

The eleven trees that Mutunkei plants for his goal…

Aug 26th
Interest in Online Entertainment Continues to Grow

To make your gambling easier and keep it fun, it i…

Aug 17th
Dubai Billionaire to Build Africa’s Tallest Building in Zimbabwe

Mr. Mulk believes that his company’s presence in t…

Jul 26th
7 Ways You Can Maintain Production Devices for Better Sessions

Some of the easiest ways include OS cleaning, soft…

Jul 5th
One Man’s Trash is another Man’s Art: Mbongeni Buthelezi’s Creative Approach to Recycling

He was born in 1966, which means he has experience…

Jun 21st