Dec 01, 2023

Why Malawi Asked Mike Tyson to be its Cannabis Ambassador

In order to court worthy investment in this incipient industry, Malawi asked former American boxer Mike Tyson to be its official cannabis ambassador....

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  Nov 26, 2023

Kenya's Bold Move: Privatizing State-Owned Companies Amid Economic Challenges

In a significant economic shift, Kenya's government has revealed plans to privatize the...

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  Nov 22, 2023

Top 10 Hospitals in Africa 2021

Many critics and observers expressed surprise at how the continent was able to handle the Ebola outbreak, and currently tackling the spread of Covid-19....

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  Nov 18, 2023

Wealth of Africa's Richest Man Increases By $2.3 Billion

The spike in his fortunes for the second year running is as a result of his profit from his cement manufacturing unit...

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  Nov 14, 2023

Securing a Sustainable Future: The Role of Water Tanks in Enhancing the DRC's Water Infrastructure

The mining industry, a cornerstone of the DRC's economy, requires a substantial and reliable water supply for processes like mineral processing....

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  Nov 07, 2023

10 African Authors You Should Know

Here are some of the African authors who capture the African story and deliver it as vividly as possible for the world to see....

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