May 20, 2024

Niger and U.S. Finalize Agreement on American Troop Withdrawal by September

The agreement, reached after a five-day commission between Niger's defense ministry and the U.S. Department of Defense, ensures the protection of U.S. troops during the withdrawal process....

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  May 03, 2024

Tensions Brew as Russian Forces Enter Niger Air Base Housing US Troops

The backdrop to this development is a broader deterioration in US-Russia relations, particularly since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which has strained interactions between the two powers globally....

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  Apr 30, 2024

Senior Islamic State Commander with $5 Million Bounty Killed in Joint Operation

He had been implicated in numerous attacks across the Sahel region, including the deadly 2017 raid that resulted in the deaths of four American soldiers and several Nigerien troops....

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  Apr 26, 2024

Diplomatic Tensions Soar as U.S. Withdraws Majority of Troops from Chad and Niger

The strategic shift follows the termination of an essential status-of-forces agreement by Niger's ruling junta, which previously permitted U.S. forces to operate within its borders....

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  Apr 22, 2024

Angry Niger protesters call for immediate exit of US troops

The protest, orchestrated by organizations supporting Niger's military authorities who took power in a coup last year, comes in the wake of significant geopolitical shifts in the Sahel....

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  Apr 20, 2024

US Troops Set to Withdraw from Niger as Junta tightens Military Alliances with Russia

The decision was finalized after discussions in Washington between US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell and Niger's Prime Minister Ali Mahaman Lamine Zeine....

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