Apr 30, 2024

Senior Islamic State Commander with $5 Million Bounty Killed in Joint Operation

He had been implicated in numerous attacks across the Sahel region, including the deadly 2017 raid that resulted in the deaths of four American soldiers and several Nigerien troops....

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  Apr 22, 2024

Over 100 Civilians Kidnapped by Suspected Jihadists in Mali

According to local sources who spoke to the AFP news agency, the civilians were traveling in three buses when attackers intercepted them and forced them to head towards a forest between Bandiagara and Bankass....

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  Apr 20, 2024

No Respite for Laborers and Street Vendors as Deadly Heat Wave in Mali Exacerbates Challenges

This extreme weather crisis, which began in late March during the Islamic month of Ramadan, has already been linked to a surge in deaths, with local hospitals reporting alarming figures....

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  Apr 19, 2024

Niger to Supply Mali with 150 Million Litres of Diesel in New Energy Partnership

Under the terms of the new agreement, Niger will offer the diesel at nearly half the normal market rate, marking a crucial step in supporting Mali’s energy needs....

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  Apr 12, 2024

Media Muzzle in Mali: Junta Imposes Ban Amid Political Turmoil

The ban is ostensibly part of a broader effort by the junta, led by Colonel Assimi Goita since the second coup in 2021, to stabilize the country....

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  Apr 11, 2024

Mali's Military Junta Suspends All Political Activities, Citing "Sterile Discussions"

The suspension follows what Colonel Maiga referred to as "sterile discussions" during a national dialogue attempt earlier this year, which seemingly failed to foster constructive solutions....

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