May 08, 2024

Fatal Shooting of Alleged Poachers Sparks Debate on Wildlife Protection and Enforcement Tactics in Namibia

The lethal outcome of this pursuit has raised questions about the balance between harsh enforcement and the underlying issues that drive individuals towards poaching....

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  Apr 25, 2024

Namibia Angered by Tourists Posing Naked in Dune Safari

Local media and visitors expressed shock at the photographs and a video that surfaced online, showing the tourists stark naked beside the iconic dune, with their clothes lying nearby....

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  Apr 22, 2024

Massive Oil Discovery Off Namibian Coast Poised to Transform Global Energy Landscape

"In the Mopane complex alone, and before drilling additional exploration and appraisal wells, hydrocarbon in-place estimates are 10 billion barrels of oil equivalent, or higher," the company stated....

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  Apr 15, 2024

EU Envoys' Meeting with Namibian Opposition Sparks Huge Uproar

The meeting, which took place last Tuesday at the residence of the German ambassador Thorsten Hutter in Windhoek, has drawn sharp criticism from the Namibian government and members of the ruling Swapo party....

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