May 06, 2024

Tigray Authorities Deny Mercenary Involvement in Sudanese Conflict

Historically, there have been allegations from Addis Ababa accusing the Sudanese army of arming and training TPLF forces, which Sudan has consistently denied....

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  May 05, 2024

Orthodox Easter Celebrations Illuminate Ethiopia with Faith and Tradition

While most Western churches celebrated Easter on March 31 this year, Eastern Orthodox churches, including those in Ethiopia, follow the Julian calendar, which places Easter on a different date....

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  Apr 20, 2024

Thousands Left Homeless as Ethiopian Land Violence Escalates

Amhara officials have accused Tigrayan forces of initiating an invasion, an allegation that former rebels in Tigray vehemently deny....

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  Apr 12, 2024

Ethiopia Initiates Repatriation of Migrants from Saudi Arabia Amid Harsh Conditions

The Ethiopian government has described their conditions as "difficult," prompting this large-scale repatriation effort....

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  Apr 10, 2024

Top Ethiopian Opposition Figure Assassinated in Oromia Region

Local sources, including the Addis Standard, reported that individuals resembling government security forces were seen abducting Urgessa from his hotel room on Tuesday night....

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