Apr 29, 2024

Burkina Faso Denies Accusations of Massacres in HRW Report

According to the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED), the violence has escalated significantly, with over 8,000 fatalities reported in Burkina Faso alone in 2023....

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  Apr 26, 2024

Two World's Giant Media Houses 'BLOCKED' from Reporting News in Burkina Faso

The state-owned news agency, Agence d’Information du Burkina (AIB), reported that the BBC and VOA were instructed via telephone to immediately cease rebroadcasting the offending program across all platforms....

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  Apr 25, 2024

Massacre in Burkina Faso: Military Accused of Killing Over 220 Civilians, Including Children

Eyewitness accounts from survivors describe how over 100 soldiers stormed into Nondin village shortly after the passing of Islamist fighters....

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  Apr 11, 2024

Burkina Faso Suspends Wheat Imports Amid Push for Local Production

The suspension of wheat imports is part of a larger economic strategy to stabilize the local economy by supporting farmers and reducing the outflow of capital for imported goods....

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