Mar 27, 2024

Bank of Uganda Announces Transition of Three Commercial Banks to Credit Institutions

Stakeholders across the board, from banking professionals to customers and economic analysts, await further details on how these transitions will unfold and the potential impacts on Uganda's banking and financial services landscape....

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  Feb 21, 2024

Zambia's Kwacha Surges: Central Bank Policies Propel Currency to Year's Best Performance

In a remarkable turn of events, Zambia's currency, the Kwacha, is...

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  Feb 16, 2024

South African Rand Gains Ground Amid Dollar Dip: Economic Data Spark Market Interest

In a dynamic twist of global currency markets, the South African rand surged...

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  Feb 08, 2024

Kenya's Central Bank Governor Confident: $2 Billion Bond Repayment to Boost Shilling Recovery

In a recent statement, Kenya's central bank governor expressed confidence in...

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  Feb 07, 2024

Zimbabwe Prepares for Currency Overhaul as Confidence in Zimdollar Plummets

In a move aimed at salvaging a sinking economy, President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced...

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  Nov 26, 2023

Kenya's Bold Move: Privatizing State-Owned Companies Amid Economic Challenges

In a significant economic shift, Kenya's government has revealed plans to...

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