Apr 28, 2024

Fez Echoes with the Sounds of Tariqa Raissouniya at the Moroccan Sufi Culture Festival

Originating from Chefchaouen, a picturesque city nestled in Morocco's Rif mountains, Tariqa Raissouniya enriches the festival with a profound spiritual performance....

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  Apr 25, 2024

Moroccan Team Wins by Default After Jersey Seizure Sparks Diplomatic Row

This particular jersey design by Berkane has been used throughout the current season and in previous tournaments, but its depiction of an extended Moroccan map, including Western Sahara, was seen by Algerian officials as a political provocation....

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  Apr 23, 2024

Morocco Aims to Become a Global Aviation Hub, Attracting Major Aerospace Investors

This initiative is part of broader efforts to enhance the capabilities of Moroccan airlines and expand their operations, aligning with the national strategy to boost the overall economic profile of the country....

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  Apr 10, 2024

Morocco's Al Massira Reservoir Shrinks Drastically Amid Prolonged Drought

Professor Brian Thomas, a hydrogeologist who has analyzed these images for NASA, noted significant reductions in the reservoir’s surface area....

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