May 17, 2024

Prolonged Stay of French Troops 'irks' Senegalese Leader

Speaking at a conference in Dakar, Sonko expressed doubts about the continued necessity of French military presence, over six decades after Senegal gained independence from France....

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  May 09, 2024

Boeing 737-300 Crash in Senegal Injures 11 During Takeoff

The aircraft, carrying 78 passengers, veered off the runway around 0100 GMT. Despite the severity of the incident, most passengers were not injured....

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  Apr 16, 2024

Senegal Makes Record Inland Cocaine Seizure in Eastern Town of Kidira

The intercepted lorry was found to be carrying 1,137 kilograms (2,506 pounds) of cocaine hidden in packets at the bottom of the vehicle....

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  Apr 14, 2024

Breaking Stereotypes: Lamine Fall's Culinary Journey in Senegal

Cooking in Senegal, much like in many other places, is often seen as a woman's domain. However, Fall's journey began with a deep-rooted love for food and an eagerness to bring joy to people through his culinary skills...

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  Apr 11, 2024

Integration of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students Advances in Senegal's Schools

Mouhamed Sall, a student benefiting from this approach, effortlessly communicates with both old and new classmates using sign language, sometimes assisted by interpreters....

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