Zimbabwe’s Anti Sanctions Day: A Farce or Requisite?

Kuziva looks at the necessity, or lack thereof, of the Anti-Sanctions March in Zimbabwe. Was it a mere farce or a requisite for the removal of the sanctions?

Zimbabwe’s Anti Sanctions Day:  A Farce or Requisite?
1 January, 25 May, 25 December… would probably appeal to most Africans in general as the more orthodox public holidays and commemorations, but for Zimbabwe and other countries in the SADC region, that significantly changed this year. Add to that list, 25 October: the so-called Zimbabwe Anti Sanctions Day. It is on this day that Zimbabwe was joined by some of its cheerleaders (the SADC region) in standing up against targeted and generalized sanctions imposed on the small southern nation by, in the words of the late R.G Mugabe, ‘the self-proclaimed prefects of our time’. The whole argument was that these sanctions are the alpha and omega to all of Zimbabwe’s quandaries and having them lifted is the ultimate aphrodisiac in repositioning Zimbabwe to its former glory (assuming former glory). Immediately, I found myself baffled and regrettably biased.
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