Yahya Jammeh

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Gambia Remove Yahya Jammeh’s Portrait From Currency Notes

New currency notes have been introduced for 5, 10,…

Aug 6th
2 Years Later, Gambia Wants Former President Yahya Jammeh to Face Justice

Guinea wants Yahya Jammeh to answer to the law

Jan 10th
Exiled Yahya Jammeh and his Family Banned From Entering America

The U.S. govt. has banned Yahya Jammeh and his fam…

Dec 11th
Gambia President, Adama Barrow Shuns IMF Warning, accepts $34m French Loan

Gambia has defiled warnings and has accepted a $34…

Nov 9th
2017, The Year That Long-Serving African Presidents Left Power

2017 was an eventful year for Africa on the politi…

Dec 31st
Gambia’s Longest Serving Central Bank Governor Amadou Colley Fired

Gambia’s longest serving Central Bank Governor Ama…

May 10th
Yahya Jammeh’s Evil Legacy: Stealing Elections, Citizen Killings and Illegal Detentions

“Everyone is free. You can do whatever you want, b…

Jan 23rd
Un-African Despots: Citizens Should Not Have to Beg Illegitimate Leaders to Leave Office

Leaders in the Gambia and D.R.C seek to tighten th…

Dec 23rd