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Ugandan Woman Becomes the First Black Person to Visit All the Countries in the World

Jesica Nabongo has become the 'first' black docume…

Oct 9th
Two Young African Women Nominated for The Nobel Peace Prize

These two young African women are up for a Nobel P…

Sep 28th
Google Honors Cape Verdean Legend Cesária Évora

Cesária Évora was known as the Queen of Morna and …

Aug 27th
Africa's Bodybuilding Title Goes to Kenya

Evelyn Okinyi was awarded the prestigious title by…

Aug 19th
Kenyan Chef Cooks 75 Hours Non-Stop, Breaks Guinness World Record

The Kenyan chef is now the world's longest-cooking…

Aug 18th
Female Pilots Steal Show at President Ramaphosa's Inauguration

Last month, Major Mandisa Mfeka made headlines as …

May 27th