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Sep 11th
You Need to Drink Water Frequently

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Aug 2nd
Nigerian Gateman Rejects House Gift, Requests Community Borehole

With men like these, there is hope for humanity.

Apr 26th
Water Movement, Between Design and Technology

More and more watch companies are developing resea…

Mar 27th
Young Kenyan Inventor Makes Magical Water From Air

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Jan 3rd
Cape Town Is On The Brink Of Running Out Of Water

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Jan 18th
Why this Ugandan Primary School Needs Your Help

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Jul 11th
15-ton Computer to Provide Clean Water, Internet and Solar Power in Africa

If a new Walty machine, a 15-ton multi-tasking the…

Apr 18th
Africa Can Feed itself and the World. Why is it Not?

“Agriculture, across Africa, must now be taken as …

Mar 7th
Zimbabwe to Reach Universal Access to Water Supply and Sanitation by 2025

With the biting effects of climate change and rapi…

Mar 4th