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President Kagame Hopes For A Prosperous Africa On Being Elected The New AU Chairperson

President Paul Kagame was elected the new chairper…

Feb 6th
Soldier, We Love You

“Soldier, we love you” is a song by Rita Martinson…

Sep 21st
In Liberia: A Hopeless Unification Day – Part II

Our sweet land of liberty has been torn apart by g…

May 16th
“We Are One People,” Doesn't Mean Race No Longer Matters

Race does matter. We have to acknowledge and accep…

Nov 6th
Should We Welcome Morocco Back into the African Union?

Seeing that Morocco has been at the centre of this…

Jul 18th
Kiir Names Unity Cabinet with Leader’s Loyalties Taking Key Positions

South Sudan President Kiir has unveiled a unity ca…

May 2nd
The African Unity Paradox: Why Africans are Uniting to Disunite

This has not only fueled disintegration among Afri…

Mar 17th
Machar’s Reappointment: South Sudan Headed For A Destiny, Orchestrated Without Force?

Machar (pictured) had been Kiir's deputy until Jul…

Feb 14th