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Uganda: Bobi Wine Officially Declares 2021 Presidential Bid Against President Museveni

The hip-hop artiste cum MP will run against the pr…

Jul 25th
Bobi Wine And The Age Limit Controversy - The Challenge In Uganda

Bobi Wine may just have set the stage for a wave o…

May 4th
Court Approves ‘No-Age-Limit’ to Enable President Museveni Seek Sixth Term

Now the president is free to contest as many times…

Apr 18th
Uganda's NRM Legislators Endorse President Museveni to Continue Leading the Party and Country

Uganda’s ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM)…

Mar 17th
Uganda: President Museveni Says He Has No Plans to Leave Office

Despite ruling for about 33 years, Museveni reveal…

Dec 13th
Police Prevents Ugandan Legislator From Seeking Medical Treatment Abroad

Uganda police has blocked a legislator, Francis Za…

Aug 30th
Ugandan Man Vows Not to Shave Until Besigye Is Released

Mubarak Munyagwa has vowed not to shave until Besi…

May 18th
"I Don't Need Lectures," Museveni Tells EU After Poll Criticism

"They are wrong, they are not serious," Museveni t…

Feb 22nd
Social Media Gives Voice to Young People in Uganda Elections

Even though the Ugandan Electoral Commission barre…

Feb 18th