Thomas Sankara

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Nov 5th
Ex-President Blaise Compaore Sentenced to Life Imprisonment in Historic Trial

Compaoré and Kafando have been tried in absentia.

Apr 6th
Thomas Sankara's Murder Trial Opens Fresh Wounds in Painful Quest for the Truth

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Mar 29th
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May 26th
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Apr 24th
Thomas Sankara to Get First Statue in Burkina Faso 31 Years After Assassination

Africa dishonours her heroes. It is surprising tha…

Oct 17th
Burkina Faso: Remembering Thomas Sankara 31 Years After Assassination

Thirty-One years ago, the leader of Burkina Faso's…

Oct 15th
African Union Plans to Finance Own Activities Gaining Momentum

The words of Thomas Sankara that, "He who feeds yo…

Jan 21st
Marvel's The Black Panther Channels the Assassinations of Patrice Lumumba and Thomas Sankara

Behind the superhero film is a story about neo-col…

Jan 14th
Africa Needs the Pan-African Spirit of Sankara and Mugabe to Resist Bullying Trump

It is at such low points of global politics that S…

Dec 22nd