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Jul 30th
Iran Recalls Its Ambassador to Kenya as Relations Turn Sour

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Mar 17th
Tragedy as UN Peacekeepers from Chad Killed in Mali

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Jan 21st
Nairobi Terror Attack: Kenyans Call for Deportation of New York Times Editor

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Jan 17th
Somalian Based Terrorist Group, al-Shabaab, Claim Responsibility for Nairobi Attack
Jan 15th
Boko Haram Strikes Again in Nigeria

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Sep 6th
Muslim Rights Group 'Change Tactics' In Battle With Falz Over 'This Is Nigeria' Video

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Jun 11th
How Long Can Nigeria Continue To Pay Terrorists?

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Apr 5th
How Climate Change Contributes To The Herdsmen Killings In Nigeria

Climate Change goes beyond melting the ice in Anta…

Apr 5th
Young Moroccans of the European Diaspora and Their Radicalization

Since the establishment of Jihad in Afghanistan in…

Sep 24th