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eSwatini Set to Cut Allowances of Ministers

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Aug 12th
Swaziland Bans Witchcraft And Magic Competition

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Jul 16th
Swazi King Directs Men To Marry More Wives Or Risk Jail Terms

This new pronouncement by the Swaziland King is a …

May 13th
eSwatini Prime Minister, Ambrose Dlamini, Bans First Class Travel For Government Officials

'Fly economy class or sit at home'; Newly appointe…

Nov 25th
The only African Country that Rejected Chinese Loans

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Oct 4th
How the Pornographic Underworld is Hijacking Swaziland's Reed Dance

Young girls, some below the age of majority, are b…

Sep 2nd
When King Mswati Paid Girls $18 Per Month to Stay Virgins

What the king unwittingly did was set a minimum pr…

Jun 23rd
King Mswati III Renames Swaziland To Kingdom of eSwatini - Real Pan-Africanism Or Not?

King Mswati III changed the name of his country to…

Apr 21st