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Rugby has the Power to Unify a Nation

Rugby, considered an embodiment of white privilege…

Nov 8th
Kenya Takes New York Marathon: Jepkosgei Wins in Stunning Debut

Jepkosgei has previously only competed in races ra…

Nov 3rd
How Bookies Are Using Pay per Head Software to Run their Business

Different pay per head has different kinds of serv…

Oct 29th
Kenyan Brigid Kosgei Smashes Historic World Marathon Record

Kosgei recorded the impressive time in the Chicago…

Oct 13th
The Impressive, State-Of-The-Art Kigali Arena Set To Be Opened In Rwanda

Photos of the new, awe-inspiring Kigali Arena to b…

Aug 1st
Is It Possible To Have A Wife-Carrying Contest In Africa?

Its practically not going to be realistic to have …

Jul 6th
Kenya is Africa's Sole Representative at the 2019 World Junior Rugby Championship

Hopefully, in the next year, Africa will have more…

Jun 26th
Swiss Supreme Court Suspends IAAF Regulations Against Semenya Pending Appeal

Semenya allowed to run again - for now.

Jun 3rd
Nigeria’s Sports Ministry in Disarray over ‘Sharing’ of US$135,000 IAAF Money

Officials of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria s…

May 23rd
"It's Really Important to Have a Race in Africa" - Formula 1 In Talks To Have A Race in Morocco

This will be the first Formula 1 race in Africa si…

May 22nd