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Jul 18th
Kenyan Government Destroys Fiesta 'Big Black' Condoms Worth $100,000

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Mar 30th
Kenya Lowers Age of Sexual Consent to 16

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Mar 27th
Nigerian Professor,  Richard Akindele, Charged for Demanding Sex for Grades from Female Student

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Nov 29th
Zimbabwean Men Say Condoms Too Small For Them, And They Often Burst During Sex

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Nov 5th
These Namibian Tribes Offer Sex To Guests

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Feb 28th
British Media Reports that Man's Testicle 'Burst' After Contracting 'African Salmonella'

He was found to have epididymo-orchitis caused by …

Jan 10th
Sexual Assault in Nollywood

In Nigeria, it’s difficult to get another job so t…

Oct 25th
Blame Rape on Men and not the Victims

Saying men are to blame is not for vilification bu…

Oct 25th