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Sanctions: America’s Greatest Evil Weapon Ever

This is compounded by the incompetence of the ruli…

Feb 21st
Opposition Leader Nelson Chamisa Called For US Invasion of Zimbabwe

Nelson Chamisa, Zimbabwe's main opposition leader,…

Jan 6th
In Eritrea, A Local Dictator and Foreign Bullies Take Turns to Torment Citizens

The West and President Isaias Afwerki unwittingly …

Jun 23rd
Exiled Yahya Jammeh and his Family Banned From Entering America

The U.S. govt. has banned Yahya Jammeh and his fam…

Dec 11th
Breaking News: U.N. Security Council Votes to Lift Sanctions on Eritrea

Voting is underway as the United Nations Security …

Nov 14th
Strive Masiyiwa Backs "Sincere" Mnangagwa, Says Sanctions Must Go And Zimbabwe Be Given A Chance

Strive Masiyiwa has endorsed the Mnangagwa adminis…

Oct 31st
The US Is Threatening ICC Judges With Sanctions, But African Leaders Are Always Before the ICC

John Bolton has threatened the International Crimi…

Sep 11th
Zimbabwe's Opposition MDC Alliance Accused Of Begging For Sanctions From America

The main opposition in Zimbabwe has said that the …

Dec 13th
U.S. – Russia Sanctions Are Unproductive

If Russia and China are working closer than ever b…

Dec 8th