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Oct 31st
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Oct 30th
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Oct 26th
Russia-Africa Summit: What Putin Wants from Africa

From Moscow with love, many will disagree.

Oct 23rd
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May 27th
Desperate African Dictators Giving Away Minerals to Russia for Military Fighter Jets and Guns

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Feb 23rd
USA Accuses Russia of Using Mercenaries to Access Africa's Resources - Scramble for Africa, 2019

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Feb 12th
Russian State Bank Reports It Mistakenly Loaned Central African Republic, $12 billion.

Russian Bank, VTB says the part of its financial r…

Nov 29th
The value and merits of 'junk'

Credit rating agency Standard and Poor's (S&P) has…

Apr 4th
U.S. – Russia Sanctions Are Unproductive

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Dec 8th