President Magufuli

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Aug 17th
"Set your Ovaries Free" - President Magufuli Tells Tanzanian Women

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Jul 11th
Tanzanian Government Refuses U.N. Report of Human Rights, Plans to File Contrary Report

Whose report will you believe?

May 20th
Tanzania: "I Track Telephone Conversations of my Ministers," President Magufuli Admits

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Jan 12th
President Magufuli Cancels 2018 Independence Celebrations in Tanzania, Again!

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Nov 30th
A Dictator on the Rise? How President Magufuli is Now Showing His True Colours

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Nov 23rd
Oh No! John Magufuli Condemns Birth Control By Saying That It Is For 'Lazy People'

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Sep 11th
Magufuli Displeased with Proposal to Extend Presidential Term

Clearly, there are some overzealous party members …

Jan 17th
Magufuli's Love-Hate Relationship with Opposition Parties

It seems all is well in Tanzanian politics but on …

Jan 13th
Magufuli Gives Public Leaders a Day to Declare Assets

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Dec 30th