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Nigeria: President Buhari Pledges to Step Down after Second Tenure

Buhari initially vowed not to run for a second ten…

Jan 2nd
Nigeria to Issue Visa-On-Arrival for All Africans

The president of the country announced that the vi…

Dec 12th
Nigeria’s President Buhari Bans Ministers from Direct Contact with Him

The latest remarks from the president have come as…

Aug 21st
President Buhari Releases List of Ministerial Nominees, Only 7 Out of 43 are Women

It appears President Buhari’s government is not Ge…

Jul 24th
I’ll Pick People I Personally Know as Ministers, Nigeria’s President Buhari

Is this good or bad for democracy?

Jul 12th
Nigeria’s President Buhari Takes Oath of Office Without Delivering Inauguration Speech

Really, who does that? Well, Buhari does!

May 30th
Is Buhari’s Re-election a Hit or Miss for Nigeria: His First Term In His Words Versus The Facts

Muhammadu Buhari ran for a second term for the Nig…

Mar 6th
Breaking News: Muhammadu Buhari Wins Second Term As President of Nigeria

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday won…

Feb 26th
Nigeria’s Reluctance to Sign the AfCFTA is at its Own Peril

Nigeria has yet to sign the deal, citing flimsy re…

Dec 20th
Nigeria's President Buhari: "I am not Dead, I am the Real Muhammadu Buhari"

Is the Nigerian president truly an impostor from S…

Dec 3rd