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Kenyan Female Police Officers Warned over Fancy Hairstyles

Critics have questioned the decision, saying it is…

Dec 26th
eSwatini Government Orders the Arrest of Opposition Leaders, Activists

Key opposition figures among those arrested during…

Dec 21st
"Our Police Are Not Brutal, They Respect The People" - Zimbabwean Minister

"What I have realised is that our police respect t…

Nov 29th
Eritrea Tops List of World's Most-Censored Countries

The Eritrean government controls the state media m…

Sep 11th
Ghana Police Rescue Canadians Kidnapped in Kumasi Last Week

Now, we hope the foreign press will change their p…

Jun 12th
Nigeria Police Arrest Men with Dreadlocks and Tattoos

Tattoos and dreadlocks are seen as markings of peo…

May 27th
Kenyan Woman Imprisoned for 7 Years for Drugging and Stealing Policeman’s Pistol And Phones

The slay queen is in the business of drugging and …

May 25th
Sharia Police Seize 111 Bottles of Beer, Arrest 14 Prostitutes in Nigeria

A voluntary religious militia force is enforcing S…

May 21st
Kenya: Thieves Break into Police Station While Officers Watch UEFA Champions League

The police officers all left their duty post to wa…

Apr 17th
Kenyan Pilot, Tobias Ogeto, Resigns From National Police Service Over Tribalism Claims

Tribalism is worse than Racism!

Apr 1st