Paul Biya

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Sep 13th
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Jul 24th
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Feb 15th
The West Divided Cameroon, Forced a Weak Unity but Now Watches As Despotic Biya Kills Citizens

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Jan 26th
China Tightens Grip on Cameroon With $78 Million Debt Waiver

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Jan 24th
85 Year Old Paul Biya Declared Winner of Cameroon Elections for 7th Term

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Oct 23rd
Cameroon: A Country with Two Presidents?

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Oct 10th
Paul Biya to Rule Cameroon for 43 Years?

With a population of approximate 25 million people…

Oct 6th
Symbolic "Independence" by English-speaking Cameroonians Sparks Chaos

The minority anglophones in Cameroon have bemoaned…

Oct 2nd