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3 Girls Arrested for Insulting Nkurunziza By Scribbling Over Images of Him in School Text Books

Burundian authorities have charged three schoolgir…

Mar 21st
In Burundi, You Can Get Arrested for Jogging

The elephant in the room was never the jogging, it…

Oct 9th
Burundi's President Pierre Nkurunziza Named "Eternal Supreme Guide" By Party

Pierre Nkurunziza has revelled in the tightening o…

Mar 12th
Burundi’s President to Extend His Rule!

It is time for Burundi’s president Nkurunziza to ‘…

Dec 13th
Burundi Becomes the First Country to Leave the International Criminal Court

Burundi has become the first country to pull out o…

Oct 30th
Burundi's Nkurunziza Takes Steps to Extend Rule Until 2034

Burundi’s cabinet backed a constitutional change t…

Oct 28th
Museveni and Magufuli Tell EU to Leave Burundi Alone and Focus on Brexit Headache

On his part, Tanzania’s Magufuli said, “they (Euro…

May 23rd
Burundi crisis: East Africa Community Discusses Way Forward

The recent EAC meeting expressed concern on the co…

Jan 8th