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Mar 31st
The People’s Choice or INEC’s Choice? Opposition Parties Contest Nigeria’s Presidential Election

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Mar 5th
Opposition Candidate Asks Court To Sack Nigeria's President Buhari

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Mar 18th
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Mar 6th
Nigeria: Opposition Calls For Election Results Cancellation As Buhari Emerges Victorious

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Feb 27th
Nigeria Elects New President Today After False Start

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Feb 23rd
Why Elections In Africa Are Violent, And How To Make Them Peaceful

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Feb 21st
Uncertainty as Nigerian Elections Postponed 5 Hours to Polls

Nigerian elections postponed to February 23, 2019 …

Feb 16th
Presidential Elections Postponed - Why Did Nigeria Postpone Elections Hours Before Polls Open?

Is it that the regime is afraid of losing the elec…

Feb 16th