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Peru End Western Sahara Ties After Talks With Morocco

Morocco controls 80% of the territory and advocate…

Aug 20th
Kenya Scale's up Green Energy with $8.6 Billion Investment

Africa may soon become the ‘Green Energy’ headquar…

Sep 19th
Over 200 Migrants Crossing from Africa to Spain Rescued

208 migrants were rescued in the dangerous seas.

Aug 29th
The Moroccan Scientist Who Revolutionized The Lithium-Ion Battery

You may not know him but you have definitely used …

Aug 25th
Global Honesty Index 2019: Moroccans and Kenyans are the Most Dishonest People in Africa

Are Moroccans and Kenyans the most dishonest peopl…

Jun 24th
"It's Really Important to Have a Race in Africa" - Formula 1 In Talks To Have A Race in Morocco

This will be the first Formula 1 race in Africa si…

May 22nd
SADC Escalates Fight Against Morocco's Illegal and Colonial Occupation of Western Sahara

SADC has escalated the fight against Morocco's ill…

Mar 26th
The Timeless Conflict Between Morocco and Algeria

The Algerian people feel close to the Moroccan peo…

Dec 13th
Gabon's President, Ali Bongo, is NOT Dead

Call him a man with nine lives and you won't be wr…

Dec 4th
Change of Plans: Gabon President to be Treated in Morocco, not London

After deciding to transfer ailing president, Ali B…

Nov 24th