Migrant Crisis

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Botswana Starts Offering Free ARVs to Citizens & Migrants

Botswana is offering free antiretroviral therapy t…

Oct 2nd
Rwanda Ambitious to Provide Employment to Libya Migrants

Rwanda wants to give refuge to hundreds of African…

Sep 3rd
Over 200 Migrants Crossing from Africa to Spain Rescued

208 migrants were rescued in the dangerous seas.

Aug 29th
Ethiopians Tortured in a Detention Home in Saudi Arabia

The state of Ethiopian Immigrants in Saudi Arabia …

Aug 16th
Ways of Preventing Deportation in the United States

One of the methods the United States use to reduce…

Jul 30th
1000 African Migrants Arrested at the US-Mexico Border

The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has arres…

Jul 22nd
Is It Fair To Blame Europe And Trump For The Migrant Crisis?

Trump is not the architect of the African migrant …

Jul 15th
BREAKING: Hundreds of Migrants and Refugees Stranded in Agadez, Niger as Fights Intensify in Libya

Every year, thousands of Africans try to escape va…

Apr 15th
Modern-day Slavery: A Black Man Can Be Bought for $400 In Libya

In Libya, modern-day slavery is thriving, and a bl…

Dec 19th
Libya Is An Intense and Unbearable War Zone, But Why Is The EU Sending Refugees Back There?

Fighting between militias in Libya, especially Tri…

Oct 4th