Martin Fayulu

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DR Congo Opposition Lose 23 Parliamentary Seats to Joseph Kabila's Coalition

Who says Joseph Kabila is no longer in power?

Jun 14th
Could An Uprising Be on The Wings in DR Congo?

Some call it an African renaissance, others the pu…

Apr 30th
DR Congo: Martin Fayulu Asks The African Union to Intervene, Demands Re-elections in 6 Months

The African Union has recognized Felix Tshisekedi …

Feb 12th
LIVE: Felix Tshisekedi Sworn-in as President of Democratic Republic of Congo

Will the Democratic Republic of Congo experience a…

Jan 24th
Martin Fayulu, not Felix Tshisekedi, Is The Winner of DRC’s Presidential Elections -Financial Times

Do you agree with the Financial Times Analysis on …

Jan 16th
Democratic Republic of Congo: Joseph Kabila’s ‘Men’ Win Majority Seats in Parliament

The elections drama in DRC continues

Jan 12th
France Expresses Dissatisfaction Over Felix Tshisekedi's Victory; Calls for Clarity

Why is France having a say in the elections of DR …

Jan 10th