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Mali Government Makes Tough Decision, Hold Elections Amidst Covid19 Outbreak

The altercations date back to 2012.

Mar 31st
The Glory and Prestige of the University at Timbuktu, One of the Oldest in the World

The University at Timbuktu is one of the oldest in…

Jan 31st
BREAKING: Prime Minister of Mali and His Government Resign Following a Massacre in Ogossagou

The Prime Minister, Mr Soumeylou Boubeye Maiga, ha…

Apr 19th
Mistaken Identity: Mali Government Troops Open Fire, Kill Mayor

What happens when military officials open fire on …

Feb 6th
Tragedy as UN Peacekeepers from Chad Killed in Mali

An attack on peacekeepers is an attack on peace; w…

Jan 21st
Meet Africa's Youngest Female Ministers

They are beautiful, brilliant and young. These are…

Oct 30th
Mali 2018 Elections: Why They Matter, And What Will Probably Happen

The elections in Mali will be held this Sunday, an…

Jul 26th