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Lesotho's Prime Minister and First Lady Accused of Murder

Investigations have revealed that the Prime Minist…

Jan 26th
IMF Rejects Lesotho Loan Bid, Asks Government to Reduce Foreign Trips

The IMF reports accused Lesotho to cut down on sal…

Nov 28th
Kenya and Lesotho Sign Bilateral Agreement

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Prime Minister Thomas…

Nov 12th
Lesotho Ready To Become One Of The World's Largest Exporters of Medicinal Cannabis Oil

Lesotho is now more than ready to become one of th…

Aug 11th
Africa Must Abolish Colonial Anti-Cannabis Laws to Unlock a 7 Billion Dollar Industry

The African cannabis industry is expected to be wo…

Mar 23rd
The Fifth Largest Diamond In The World Discovered In Lesotho

A diamond thought to be the fifth largest in the w…

Jan 15th
Lesotho Becomes the First Nation to Grant a Legal Licence for Growing Marijuana in Africa

Lesotho has become the first country in Africa to …

Sep 18th
One Application Revolutionizing Education in Lesotho

Sterio.me has also been featured in BBC and The Gu…

Aug 20th