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Dec 15th
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Jul 25th
Anglophone and Francophone Cameroon - The Language Curse of a Nation

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Mar 14th
Uganda to Force High School Students to Learn Chinese

Is China planning to change our Lingua Franca?

Dec 24th
How Disney Robbed Swahili of 'Hakuna Matata' - Unending Signs of Colonialism?

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Dec 11th
South African Woman, Nompumelelo Kapa, Becomes First Academic To Write A PhD In isiXhosa

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Oct 24th
Kiswahili is Coming to South African Schools in 2020

The new generation of South Africans will be one e…

Oct 7th
Brazil Adopts Yoruba as Official Language

The Brazilian government has introduced the compul…

Oct 2nd
The Linguistic Schizophrenia in Morocco

Moroccans are a schizophrenic nation, and they see…

Jul 25th
Identity Entanglement in Morocco

Morocco has always been a cultural and linguistic …

Jul 25th