John Magufuli

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Aug 17th
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Mar 16th
Tanzania: "I Track Telephone Conversations of my Ministers," President Magufuli Admits

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Jan 12th
President Magufuli Cancels 2018 Independence Celebrations in Tanzania, Again!

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Nov 30th
John Magufuli: World Bank not Scrapping $300m Loan because of my Policy Against Pregnant Students

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Nov 18th
Hundreds Flee Into Hiding As Tanzania Intensifies Anti-Gay Crackdown - Detorioration of Human Rights

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Nov 9th
Magufuli Displeased with Proposal to Extend Presidential Term

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Jan 17th
Magufuli's Salary One of Africa’s Lowest, If Not World!

Magufuli is leading Africa in the right direction.…

Oct 7th
Media Crackdown: Tanzania Closes Third Newspaper Since June

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Oct 5th