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Suspected Hezbollah Militant Intelligence Undercover Agent Arrested In Uganda

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Jul 24th
Egypt Expresses Concerns Over Israeli Ties With Ethiopia

Egypt believes that Israel’s pally with Ethiopia i…

Jul 23rd
TB Joshua In Israel: How Africans Are Exporting Christianity To The West

Every civilization gives that which it posseses, f…

Jun 24th
Why Israel Wants a Seat at the African Union as It Turns to Ghana for Support

Israel wants an observer seat at the African Union…

Nov 21st
Israel Cancels UN Deal For The Relocation Of African Migrants

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, …

Apr 4th
Israel to Pay Civilians Around $9,000 to help deport African Migrants

Most of the migrants are from Eritrea and Sudan wh…

Jan 28th
Experts Warn Tanzania Risks Losing US Financial Aid Over Trump Vote

Tanzania was one of the 128 countries that voted a…

Dec 28th
UN General Assembly Shows Bold, Open Defiance To Donald Trump On His Jerusalem Declaration

Internationally, Israeli sovereignty over Jerusale…

Dec 22nd
Kenyatta’s Visit to Israel yields 3 Vital Linkages to Grow Kenya

Once they complete the training, the students will…

Feb 24th