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Why Africa Should Not Listen To The "International Community" - The New Term For Imperialism

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Sep 17th
How Proxy Wars have Destroyed the World

Proxy wars continue to destroy lives because of se…

Jan 7th
Xenophobia, alienation and nationalism in South Africa: Is it justified?

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Oct 18th
South Africa Permanently Withdraws Ambassador From Israel, Shuts Down Embassy in Israel

South Africa dares Israeli government, cuts diplom…

Apr 5th
Culture as a Weapon of Influence: How does it Work?

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Jul 19th
UN General Assembly Shows Bold, Open Defiance To Donald Trump On His Jerusalem Declaration

Internationally, Israeli sovereignty over Jerusale…

Dec 22nd
The Chad Embarrassment: African States Should Learn the United States Has no Permanent Friends

Chad has been embarrassed for the whole world to w…

Oct 10th
Student action against new privacy laws

Dutch students have gathered more than 300,000 sig…

Oct 9th
The Struggle For Regional Hegemony, Riyadh Vs Tehran

Shia Muslims recently held protests against Nimra …

Mar 14th