Human Rights

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Statue of African-American Civil Activist, Rosa Parks Unveiled in the United States

The statue was unveiled on the anniversary of her …

Dec 2nd
Nigeria Launches First National Sex Offenders Register

Names on the sex offenders register will be restri…

Nov 26th
African Dictators Paying Millions for Trump Attention and Favours

African governments have always had lobbying firms…

Aug 8th
Is there an End to the Plight of The Sahrawis and Morocco's Repression?

For more than 20 years, more than 174,000 Sahrawis…

Jul 29th
Meet Maria Alice Mabota, Mozambique’s First-Ever Female Presidential Aspirant

She is a renowned Human Rights Activist, but will …

Jul 16th
President Kagame Needs a Lecture on the Difference Between Human Rights and Development

The Rwandan President has rubbished external human…

Jun 26th
UN Forum Addresses Plight of Refugees

The second annual Africa Dialogue Series examined …

May 25th
Tanzanian Government Refuses U.N. Report of Human Rights, Plans to File Contrary Report

Whose report will you believe?

May 20th
Equatorial Guinea Up For A UN Human Rights Review

As the clock ticks, what instances put Equatorial …

Apr 15th
Top Zimbabwean Lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa Honoured By Harvard Law School

Beatrice Mtetwa, a top human rights lawyer in Zimb…

Mar 13th