Food security

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The Gambia is Losing USD83 million Per Year Due to Child Malnutrition, Study Shows

COHA studies have so far been conducted in 26 coun…

Jan 28th
Zimbabwe's Food Crisis Worsens, Food To Run Out by End Of February

The government says that it has started importing …

Jan 25th
UN Food Organizations Call for More Support for Southern Africa as Climate Shock Increases

Southern Africa has been affected by late rains, e…

Oct 31st
This Cape Town Restaurant Only Serves Meals Made From Insects

This South African restaurant only serves insect d…

Jul 28th
WFP Slapped With Lawsuit Over 4 deaths, 296 Illnesses Linked To Food Aid In Uganda

World Food Program (WFP) and Uganda have halted th…

Jun 24th
How Human Faeces Doubled Kenyan Farmer's Output

Not only can feed from human poo double farm outpu…

Jun 17th
The Ugandan Government Tells Citizens to Adopt Food Rationing and Prepare For Famine

Is a government that is not able to feed its citiz…

Apr 9th
Nigeria Is Now Africa's Largest Producer of Rice

The largest producer of rice in Africa is Nigeria.

Mar 23rd
UN Agencies and African Union Tackle Food Safety at Conference

Africa is disproportionately affected with the hig…

Feb 6th
Impact of Education In Rural Development Processes

According to experts, education can become a force…

Sep 3rd