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How Brexit Increases UK’s Demand for Kenyan Flowers

As Brexit looms, demand for Kenyan flowers by the …

Oct 25th
Zimbabwe Starts Compensating White Farmers; $8.4 million Budgeted for 2019 Payments Alone

Zimbabwe has already started to compensate white f…

Jun 23rd
How Human Faeces Doubled Kenyan Farmer's Output

Not only can feed from human poo double farm outpu…

Jun 17th
Kenya's Deputy President, William Ruto Raises Alarm Over 10 Crates of ‘Stolen’ Eggs

The Deputy President has ordered the police to go …

Apr 30th
Nigeria Is Now Africa's Largest Producer of Rice

The largest producer of rice in Africa is Nigeria.

Mar 23rd
Cultural Attitude toward Food and Health: a Case Study of Rural Tanzania

Rural Tanzanians eat the same thing every day. Eve…

Mar 1st
White Farmers In Zimbabwe Demand More Compensation, They Say $9 Billion Is Not Enough

Should former white farmers in Zimbabwe be compens…

Jan 7th
Kenyan Farmers Record Poor Production Once Again

Kenya embarked on a project that involved distribu…

Oct 27th
Kenya Has Overtaken South Africa To Become The Biggest Exporter Of Avocados In Africa

Kenya has now overtaken South Africa to become the…

Aug 19th
How Climate Change Contributes To The Herdsmen Killings In Nigeria

Climate Change goes beyond melting the ice in Anta…

Apr 5th