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EU Approves Marijuana From Uganda

Despite colonial age laws that make it illegal to …

Sep 1st
After Offering Land to Uganda, Kenya Donates 10-Acres of Land to South Sudan for Dry Port

Who says Kenyatta isn't a good business man?

Jul 2nd
India’s Garment And Tailoring Industries

India’s textile industry has been in existence sin…

Jan 18th
Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana Ban Meat and Other Animal Products Imports from South Africa

Why are countries placing an embargo on meat and a…

Jan 12th
Nigeria: A Country That Feeds The World But Cannot Feed Her Own

Nigeria’s Agricultural Exports rose by 20% in 2018…

Oct 19th
Blue Crab: Tunisia's New Million Dollar Commodity

There are natural resources all around us capable …

Oct 17th
Kenya Has Overtaken South Africa To Become The Biggest Exporter Of Avocados In Africa

Kenya has now overtaken South Africa to become the…

Aug 19th
New Leather Factory in Kenya Targeted for Locals and EAC

With such development plans underway, Kenya is set…

Mar 14th
President Museveni Flags Off 6-ton Denmark Bound Textile

The exportation of Ugandan products to the interna…

Feb 9th