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European Union Partner Banks to Build Road Linking Tanzania and Kenya

The EU and Banks have jointly commissioned €764m f…

Dec 20th
European Union Removes Gabon Airline from Euro Airspace Blacklist after 11 Years

In the past 11 years, Gabonese airlines have been …

Dec 16th
European Commission President Date Ethiopia

The visit to Ethiopia will be her first official t…

Dec 2nd
Benin Republic Expels EU Envoy for Interfering in Domestic Politics

The presidency has ordered Ambassador Oliver Nette…

Nov 28th
EU Fears It May Have Aided Violent Security Forces in Sudan

Sudanese police, who also stand accused of brutall…

Jul 22nd
Eritreans in Diaspora Call for EU Support Against President Isaias Afwerki

What do Eritreans abroad have against President Is…

Dec 19th
EU Avails 134 Million Euros for Refugee Programs in Africa

EU funds programmes to alleviate the plight of ref…

Dec 17th
Tanzania’s Refusal to Sign EU Trade Pact Gives East Africa Time to Rethink

Tanzania’s refusal to sign a new trade deal betwee…

Jul 24th
This is How Britain’s Vote to Leave the EU Would Affect African Economies

“We see the longer term impacts as a continuation …

Jul 21st