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Sharing the Nile: Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia Come to an Agreement

Construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam has been…

Jan 25th
Nile Dam Crisis: Ethiopian PM Asks Ramaphosa To Intervene in the Dispute

Ethiopia is constructing the Grand Ethiopian Renai…

Jan 13th
Chad, Botswana, Egypt Named the Best Travel Destinations

Chad, Botswana and Egypt are the only African dest…

Dec 30th
'Valley of the Monkeys' - The Recently Uncovered, Impressive Ancient Industrial Zone in Egypt

An ancient industrial zone called the Valley of th…

Oct 16th
Kenya, Somalia Reach Peace Agreement over Border Disputes

For Africa to move forward, we must first unite.

Sep 26th
Egypt Expresses Concerns Over Israeli Ties With Ethiopia

Egypt believes that Israel’s pally with Ethiopia i…

Jul 23rd
BREAKING: All British Airways Flights to Cairo, Egypt, Cancelled for Security Reasons

The United Kingdom advises against any travel to t…

Jul 20th
BREAKING: Mohammed Morsi, Egypt's Only Democratically-Elected President, Dies in Court

Morsi was in court answering to charges of espiona…

Jun 17th
The Top Ten Most Powerful Militaries in Africa, 2019

From fighting extreme insurgency and protecting di…

Jun 13th
Egypt Wants To Stop The Auction of "Stolen" Tutankhamun Statue In London

Egypt says that the statue of King Tutankhamun tha…

Jun 12th