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How Africa is Splitting into Two Separate Continents

Africa is on its way to splitting into two separat…

Mar 11th
Uganda Airlines Re-launches

Uganda Airlines is set to challenge the dominance …

Aug 28th
Suspect In Uganda Appears In Court Wearing Clothes Stolen From Magistrate

It was a dramatic scene in a court recently in Uga…

Jun 8th
Kenyatta and Museveni Talks Offer Hope for Distressed East Africa Relations

At a time the unity of East Africa is threatened b…

Mar 28th
The Uganda and Rwanda Conflict Is Shameful and Shows the East African Community Must Be Reformed

It’s a shame that when the entire African continen…

Mar 20th
Ethiopian Airlines to Operate All-Women Flight Crew to Celebrate International Women’s Day

Ethiopian Airlines schools the world on feminism; …

Mar 2nd
East African Connection: Ethiopia Trains 50 Rwandan Air-Force Technicians

Why go abroad, when you’ve got it all in Africa?

Dec 26th
25% of East Africans have Asian and European DNA - Report

A study capable of re-defining how we relate to hu…

Nov 13th
Kenya's Yaaku People Face The Death Of Their Native Tongue, Yakunte

The Kenyan tribe called Yaaku is basically prepari…

Feb 21st
Magufuli's Government Seizes Ex-PM's Farm in Crackdown on 'Idle' Land

"I have received a letter informing me that my 326…

Aug 17th