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Racist Party in Colonial Museum in Belgium Sparks Outrage

Racism and colonial chic parties in Belgium.

Aug 8th
President Sassou Nguesso Criticized For Inviting Russian Military Specialists Into Congo

Critics say the Russian experts are 'not coming to…

May 27th
French Prosecutors Are Bent on Sending Congolese Music Star, Koffi Olomide, to Jail

Will 62-year-old Congolese music superstar, Koffi …

Feb 15th
Belgium's Black Hand Fetish: How Antwerp Hand-Shaped Chocolates Mock Chopped African Hands

Belgian hand-shaped chocolates were made to celebr…

Jan 26th
DR Congo and Congo Agree to Link their Cities with a Bridge Worth $550 Million

In what appears to be huge credit towards Regional…

Nov 12th