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Suffering in Silence: 9 Out Of 10 Most Under-Reported Humanitarian Crises of 2019 are In Africa

9 out of the 10 countries where at least one milli…

Jan 28th
African Environmental Ministers Meet In Durban to Press for Swift Continental Environmental Action

Though it has had little to do in causing the cris…

Nov 15th
Africa Joins the Global Climate Strike

Climate strikes were held in over 110 countries in…

Sep 20th
Fossil Fuel Companies Spend $50 Billion On Projects That Fuel The Climate Crisis

The fossil fuel industry is a large driver of the …

Sep 9th
Climate Crisis to Push 720 Million people, Mostly Africans, Into Poverty

The African continent is responsible for 2-3% of t…

Jul 26th
Kenyan Climate Activist Mithika Mwenda To Receive Sierra Club’s Earth Care Award 2019

He has always been a prominent activist for sound …

Jun 29th