Chinese media in Africa

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Ugandans Raise Alarm Over Chinese Men Marrying their Women

China’s investments and presence in Uganda have in…

Sep 13th
Chinese "Investor" Fights Police Officers During Arrest

Aside from being one of Africa's biggest loaners, …

May 10th
Uganda to Force High School Students to Learn Chinese

Is China planning to change our Lingua Franca?

Dec 24th
Opposition Kicks as Zambian National Newspaper Publishes Article in Chinese

Neo-Colonialism at its height. China doesn't only …

Oct 13th
South African Journalist's Newspaper Column Cancelled for Criticizing China

Azad Essa's column in a South African paper was di…

Oct 7th
Everything That China Does In Africa Is Great, According To Chinese News Outlets

When Chinese media reports about China's activitie…

Aug 16th