Children Rights

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Renowned Psychotherapist Amy Morin Lists 5 Phrases African Parents Should Not Tell Their Kids

Did you know it is wrong to tell your child to ‘st…

Jun 29th
American Missionary Claiming To Be A Doctor Led To The Deaths of More Than 100 Ugandan Babies

An American missionary, Renee Bach, went to Uganda…

Jun 16th
Tragedy As 20-Year-Old South Sudanese Girl Killed For Refusing To Marry

Child marriages should have no space in this age.

Apr 30th
A Fresh Look at Family Code Reform in Morocco

Young girls are not granted the right to access ed…

Apr 16th
Belgium Apologizes for Abducting Thousands of Mixed-Raced Children from DR Congo During Colonial Era

Is a simple apology enough reason to wipe the slat…

Apr 5th
How Saudi Arabia Recruited Children From Darfur, Sudan To Fight The War In Yemen

Saudi Arabia offered as much as $10,000 to the des…

Jan 6th
Increasing Hunger Pushes Children into Sex Work in Congo

What is the future of Congo if her children and yo…

Oct 17th
Rising Impunity and Injustice in Liberia: Shielding Rape And Sheltering Rapists

Rape is becoming an entrenched culture in Liberia,…

Aug 18th
Fatwa Issued In Somaliland Bans Female Genital Mutilation

The self-declared republic of Somaliland has issue…

Feb 7th
Bridging The Gap And Going Beyond Rhetoric To Protect Liberian Children

It is not enough to pass laws that protect childre…

Jun 25th